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like these updates were all geared around fixing many of the glitches I just mentioned, but they did add a new glitch in which the hunger and thirst meter sometimes get stuck. Alpha bunker code, the code is entered on the computer terminal on the top floor. Can be found in bunker or other dangerous locations. Update.9 had 87 hidden changes. Entrance and the top floor of the bunker. Each can include food, weapons, objects, medicine, resources or simple protective clothing. Since update.6, the developers have continued to make changes in keeping with their declared intention of making last day on Earth a hardcore mmorpg. Terminal for Survival: Requires 25 coupons.

Search it, and get the key card, which will open the bunker. Since then, there have been 3 silent updates. People have reported finding a glitched gun in raids. It has 250 health, an attack radius of 360 degrees and an approach range comparable to Glock. The producers of the game did this on purpose which of course allows us to raid much cheaper now. Depending on the location, some pipes can be sconti notebook universitari polito turned off with a valve, or the gas can appear at regular intervals, allowing it to be bypassed. Of these, bolts, rubber parts, ball bearings, transistors or wires may fall out. Dead Soldier This corpse can be found in the resource areas, it is shown on the mini-map in the form of a red. This reward can only be obtained once per lockout period, meaning the bunker must reset and be reopened (using the passcode) before more coupons can be turned in for an additional Survival Kit. After the body is examined, a dialog box appears with the code. I also think that trying to manage your guns so that you stop using them before they break require much of the self control that used to define Last Day on Earth.

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